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      Northeast Kingdom Christmas Trees



Fred Salo is a veteran of the Christmas Tree industry with four decades of extensive experience in growing, providing wholesale and conducting retail selling of trees. During his career Fred has been on the board of Directors of the NY State Nurseryman’s Association, and he was a founding member and a past President of the Vermont Christmas Tree Association. Fred recently sold his Northeast Kingdom plantation in Vermont, but his wealth of knowledge is always looking for new outlets. 

Fred has always been a self made man. A native of Vermont, he joined the Army shortly after high school specializing in electronics, working on Nike missiles in Alaska. After his tour of duty he entered the University of Vermont and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business & Marketing. Now armed with a degree from UVM and his electronics background he was recruited by a Fortune 500 company where he became a Regional Sales Engineer.

Fred did extremely well in this profession, but a passion seemed to develop on his off time, designing and constructing landscaping on his property. In the early 70s he could no longer contain that pull his weekend hobbies had on him and took what would become one of many leaps of faith. Fred left his lucrative job to pursue his lifelong passion of horticulture. For years it had only been a hobby, but one that he could not get enough of. He started a successful landscaping business providing high end designs in the Rockland County area of New York. Because landscaping is a seasonal business in this area he also started a florist and plant store managed by his wife Yolande. But it was difficult for Fred to remain idle during winter and he soon tried his hand in retailing Christmas trees in his new home town of Pearl River NY. The seed had been planted for what would become his finest work...a Christmas Tree Plantation. In 1980 he took that next leap of faith and bought 350 acres of land in his native state of Vermont in the region known as the "Northeast Kingdom" and planted his first seedlings. He nurtured those seedlings to maturity and finally began wholesaling. His love of the Northeast Kingdom area of Vermont drew him back permanently in just a few years...him and Yolande have been there ever since. But growing and wholesaling was never enough for Fred. Once that last load of trees left his farm to a wholesaler, Fred would take one final load for himself, back down to Pearl River NY. He would weather the cold to supply Christmas Trees for those customers who looked forward each year to visiting his particular lot for that perfect tree!

Fred is now semi-retired but available as a consultant for anyone wanting to know more about "A Practical Approach" in this rewarding field. Fred states: "Four decades of growing and selling Balsam fir and Fraser fir in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont may not qualify me as ”the GURU“, but it does allow me to talk very freely on all aspects of the industry: Site selection, tree species, equipment, economics, labor, distribution methods, environmental aspects, being Stewards of the land and marketing are all very familiar subjects to me." 

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