Find us at the corner of E Central Ave and S John Str – Pearl River, NY
Tree sales start Nov 24th, 2023
Mon. – Fri. 12pm – 9pm  |  Sat. 9am – 9pm  |  Sun. 9am – 7pm

Christmas trees are my business and my only business!


Business started in 1974 in Pearl River New York as a landscape contractor. It evolved into two stores: A garden shop next to Shop Rite and a flower shop in Blue Hill, and eventually a Christmas tree farm in Vermont.  

The love for Christmas trees has been never ending.  Sometimes known as “Mr Christmas” I continue to retail Christmas trees on the Central Avenue field, by the gazebo in Pearl River, New York. And I continue to work and own Fraser fir trees on the farm in the northeast kingdom of Vermont!  An area known for cool soils and moisture that produces superior Fraser firs. Superior not only in color but for needle fast characteristics.

These trees are under my tender love and  care and are the ones I bring to you in Pearl River that help create “the farm to you atmosphere “ and for your selection and enjoyment. GUARANTEED!
See you in Pearl River!

To learn more about Fred and Northeast Kingdom Christmas Trees, Click Here!

Tree Care

We cut the bottom of your tree fresh when you buy. The fresh cut will be good for 4 hours.  Then it seals its self and won’t drink water.  So place in water asap!  If not recut. 

Tree Shearing Demonstration

Pricing Information

Inflation fighters!

Prices of trees are based on specie,size and degree of perfection.  But quality is best judged by freshness above all else.  A tree can look fine but if it doesn’t hold needles till after Christmas it has no quality and doesn’t add to the spirit of your Christmas.

My Fraser fir trees are the “finest“because they pass the quality test. Attached needles stay attached till after Christmas. Why ? because they were cut late ,cared for correctly and shipped promptly from the Vermont farm to Pearl river.


My lower priced inflation fighters  have less degree of perfection but are still fine trees and fresh. True to size And will contribute to the spirit of Christmas in your household.


Share the tree buying experience with us in Pearl river Select a  tree that came direct from The farm. Cut fresh week before thanksgiving.

All trees priced separately!

No chain saw required!

Select the size you want.

Enjoy full service don’t even get your hands dirty. Includes fresh cut,re baled and carried to your  Car and tied on.  Or if you wish do it yourself. Or in a hurry. A gift of sisal rope will help.

(But if you are traveling very far we suggest we tie on car”. Fred’s way. For safety sake.)


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

And we all wish you a very



Don’t  go without a tree!

Visit our tree farm operation in Rockland County, Pearl River, NY.  Guarantee you will go away with the true spirit of Christmas. And  The ”tree”!