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      Northeast Kingdom Christmas Trees



"O holy night"

​​As Wholesale growers of Christmas Trees the wonderful tradition of Christmas sometimes becomes masked in the hectic harvesting season. Every tractor trailer load we ship receives a sigh of relief…another promise fulfilled headed to a small town or city somewhere. Sometimes we forget that there it becomes a signal that Christmas season has begun. Stores can start promoting Christmas all they want, but it takes a load of trees entering the scene to make the season official. There is no lighting ceremony and no fanfare. A vacant lot all of a sudden becomes a Mecca for trees and greens. Overnight, makeshift racks and other devices, to show trees, are built and lighting is erected. A warm-up trailer is in place, trees are ready and wreaths with red ribbons blowing in the wind…the establishment is now open for business. The Town is a buzz. I liken it to a sports Spectacular!

Peace and tranquility returns to our farms. Our trees will become personalized and adorn a family home in the true spirit of Christmas.